An actor who can't sail is not a good designer!

"I'm risking my life!" (Columbus said to Queen Isabella. On the set of "The Crown of Words")
The shooting scene with a high temperature of more than 30 degrees was covered with all kinds of heavy clothing and medieval leather boots, and the delicate wig seemed to make the characters more flexible. Dedicated eyes and full devotion, the Columbus created by Chen Zhen is full of energy like a magnet, and the soul interprets the great pioneering work of navigators who persistently pursue their dreams.
I have always been curious about Yuyuan Art's original art film "The Crown of the Court", and I was fortunate to receive an invitation letter from Yuyuan Art's "Dream of Columbus" and Chen Zhen's personal achievement theme exhibition, oh yeah!

The little angel

I followed the handsome footsteps to the Yuyuan Art Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. I heard a sacred melody in my ears. Yes, it was "Dream of Columbus". The pure voice of the choir made me happy and comfortable like an angel.

When I entered the door, I saw the poster of Columbus and a round pure copper butterfly, "Hello, I'm Chen Zhen, you are welcome." A handsome face smiled enthusiastically at me and said, oh so he is Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen and his butterfly symbol
"This is the circular butterfly symbol I originally designed, which perfectly interprets the morality of Yuyuan people with a circle on the outside and a square on the inside. It means that every Yuyuan person breaks the cocoon into a butterfly in Yuyuan art, one beautiful butterfly after another. Fanning the wings of dreams, this is the butterfly effect of our Yuyuan people."
Chen Zhen's eyes seemed to be full of endless hope. He was a little shy and liked angels very much. His screen name was little angels.

Renhe Hall Achievement Wall Group photo of Yuyuan people
Of course, such outstanding original works, there is no suspense in the people and halls of Yuyuan Art Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which is also the leader of Yuyuan people's achievement wall.

"Set Sail" Invitation Letter
It seems that sailing is destined to be inextricably linked with Chen Zhen. YuYuan art official announcement conference and the official invitation letter for the fourth season theme exhibition "Set Sail" is also one of his classic masterpieces.

symbol of crossing

From Roman architecture to European allusions, from historical background to cultural symbols, whether it is film and television works or book texts, arches, irises, royal stars, ranunculus... all are Chen Zhen's daily enrichment.
Of course, sharing is a virtue!

Alan, who shares art in front of his own designed works, really shines like an angel.

sculpture time

Everyone has their own dreams, the dream of a navigator to ride the wind and waves to find a new continent, the dream of an astronaut to explore the universe and travel in space, and the dream of a design specialist to become the chief designer.

Everything is possible if you believe and act.

Guest host British violinist welcome ceremony

 Diplomatic Visit The Queen's Birthday Celebration Theme Exhibition at the British Consulate General in Guangzhou

CCTV anchor "A New Era of Dialogue" CCTV recording scene

Acceptance speech "Seventy years of greatness, insight into the new future" was interviewed by CCTV reporters at the Beijing Summit

Guitar playing and singing Yuyuan Spring Festival Gala performance
He said
As a designer, keep your curiosity, keep an active exploration of the unknown and a humble learning attitude, constantly enrich your thinking, broaden your horizons and make bold attempts to create more amazing original soul works.

As a Yuyuan person, you must always keep in mind your mission and keep pace with the times and clearly define your own position. From the design specialist to the head of the design department, the new stage is the beginning of glory, and it also means taking on more responsibilities, not only in the field of own design, but also to improve one's comprehensive ability in all aspects, better assistance and tacit cooperation Yuyuan team spirit.

Director Guo Ying presented the anniversary medal and prizes
Just like the persistence and firmness of Columbus's nautical dream, every dream in Chen Zhen's heart accompanies his growth and transformation step by step.

I don't know if it was Columbus's persistence that inspired Chen Zhen's dream, or Chen Zhen himself was a sure angel!

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