Zeng Dexing

"Now I don't think this is a job, but the common goal of our YuYuan people, our common cause.This is also the biggest difference I feel with my previous work."

During the glory of the fifth season of "The Medal of Glory" at the gate of YuYuan art Europe, the "AiSS Anniversary and Zeng Dexing Photography Exhibition" of Yu Yuan art's chief photographer Zeng Dexing was ushered in.

With excitement, we found the stars with both ability and political integrity and talked about the story of him and Yu Yuan art.

What is special about YuYuan art compared to your previous work?

Akers:I came to YuYuan art and has been on the road of “cross-border”.

At the beginning, I joined YuYuan art with the photographer's position, just like the previous work, constantly shooting and making.  But after coming here, I learned a lot of European classical art and modern and contemporary art that I had never touched before. I took a close-up shot of many collections of YuYuan art Collection and accompanied the leaders to attend and film many important diplomatic activities.  Includes visits abroad.  Of course, there are many guests who come to YuYuan art to visit.

It is not so much an art-based enterprise as it is a comprehensive training base with art as its carrier.  This kind of learning helps to understand the meaning and value of the enterprise, and feels a kind of care and warmth, and feels at home.

Now I don't think this is a job, but the common goal of our YuYuan people, our common cause.This is also the biggest difference I feel with my previous work.

What is the most impressive thing for you in YuYuan art?

Akers:That should be the first time in October last year to accompany the leaders to attend the official celebration of the 56th anniversary of the Ugandan Consulate General in Guangzhou. It was my first time to participate in this level of activity, and I was very worried and nervous.

I made a lot of preparations and prepared some shooting plans to ensure that I can immediately adjust and execute according to the situation after the scene.  The consuls of many countries, including the relevant responsible persons of Guangdong Province, came to the scene very spectacularly.

Fortunately, the filming works have received praise from the leaders, giving me more confidence to face the future development of the company, understanding the height of YuYuan art, and always reminding myself to adjust the mentality and find a new position.

From a photographer to the deputy director of the International Film and Television Department, talk about the secret of your success!

Akers: When I understand this goal, plus effective execution, in the face of difficulties, try my best to try. This innovative career is not only to complete the work, but also to make its own progress.

Usually use your heart to observe and make a good reserve.

You often mention the "ceremonial feeling" of Yu Yuan art, would you like to share it with us?

There are strict standards in the words and deeds of YuYuan art, such as dressing, standing, sitting, and having requirements, not only in terms of form, but also establishing a cognition from the heart, so that this kind of the initial requirements have become my habit.

Each of us will be welcomed by the relevant ceremony after the initial assessment, and on the birthday, there will be a celebration for each other...

The sense of ritual has become the attitude of the YuYuan people's daily life, which is a way of expressing respect.

As the chief photographer, what do you want to say to yourself and your colleagues in the new stage of development of YuYuan art?

Akers:Thanks to YuYuan art, thank you for such a good platform, thank the chairman and executive director for their trust and tolerance, thank the heads of YuYuan art Department for their support and assistance, and thank the community for their support and help.  Of course, we would also like to thank our small partners of the International Film and Television Department, designer Chen Zhen, cameraman Wei Shibao, and photographer Xie Zeyu. Thank you for your concerted efforts. We should not forget our initial intentions and play more active and effective in the new development stage of YuYuan art.  The driving force!

Respect, trust, work together, and win-win!

YuYuan people, we work together!

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