If you believe in success, you will surely achieve success.

 Loyalty, bravery, faith, kindness, and chivalry light up wisdom.

Behind every glorious classic lens,

It is full of sincere hearts of Yuyuan people.

    Bob,YuYuan Art Chief Videographer.

    Steady, open-minded, and multi-tasking.

The sunny appearance often gives the impression of "sunshine boy",

But Yuyuan people who are familiar with him know that sunshine is his passion,

Rigorous and pragmatic, brave and responsible is his heart that shines like a diamond.

Bob in the CCTV program recording site

"I am very grateful to Yuyuan Art,
Thanks to the International Art and Film Department, Design Department, Culture Department and other departments
And the full cooperation and help of the Yuyuan people in the three art galleries for my work.
With your support, we can make our dreams come true together. "

At this moment, the anniversary solo exhibition of "Wei Shibao's Braveheart" has been kicked off at Yuyuan Art Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

David , Director of British Affairs in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

had Invited to visit bob's solo exhibition.

  From this solo exhibition, we learned that,

Bob is about to launch a brand-new section "Huayuan Crown",

As the director, he collected the Yuyuan Art Museum

The collection of European cultural models is put on the screen in the form of art.

Let more people know and understand

The profound historical significance behind each artwork.


I wish "Wei Shibao's Braveheart" solo exhibition a complete success.

We warmly look forward to the unveiling of "The Crown of the Court"...

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