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About Us

        Shenzhen YuYuan art Investment Group is proud to have the world’s leading-edge restoration technology of cultural relics, together with rich resources of reputed artists and art institutes both at home and abroad. With mature management model of European aristocratic art, combined with the local characteristics of Shenzhen, we aims to provide a complete custom service system of international art.
        On the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen YuYuan art Investment Group was honoured as “2018 China brand golden tripod award”, “the most influential brand of international art customization service” and “China’s top ten honest industry brands”. Chairwoman, Guo YuLi won the title of “top ten innovative entrepreneurs leading the development of the industry”.
On May 6th,2019, on behalf of international art brands of China, Chairwoman Guo YuLi delivered a speech titled “A Beautiful Mind” at Harvard University.
        On May 8th, entering the United Nations as the sponsor of the UN Declaration on Chinese Brands,YuYuan art signed and read the declaration, promising to abide by integrity, protect environment and conserve energy, adhere to sustainable development, undertake social responsibilities, inherit Chinese culture, and maintain international image of Chinese Brands. The declaration was then retained by the relevant United Nations agencies. Meanwhile,it won“the 2018 to 2019 Influential Brand Award of International Industry”issued by the UN.
        On August 16th,2019,The China Brand Innovation and Development Project and YuYuan art jointly launched the “Chinese-English Art Festival”, successfully building a bridge between Chinese and English art.
        On April 29, 2020, YuYuan art and the British Bernardi Orchestra formally signed a Sino-British exclusive art music partner.
        On May 11, 2023, Yu Yuan Art was invited by the British Consulate General in Guangzhou to participate in the co hosting of the "2023 Celebration of the Coronation of His Majesty the King and Queen of England" event. Mr. Matthew Moody, Consul General of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, personally awarded the honor of "Exclusive Art Partner for the 2023 Coronation Ceremony of King Charles III of the UK" to Yu Yuan Art. 
  YuYuan art starts and develops our long career of art at Qianhai, serving as a bridge for the communication of art and culture between China and abroad, bringing the mature international customization system of art to home, and taking domestic needs of art to the world.
        Presently, based on a wealth of art collections, YuYuan art has established strategic co-operations with reputed art institutions both at home and abroad, eventually building the art center, and promoting the art development in the Greater Bay Area.