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Famous British violin master Andrew Bernardi visits YuYuan art

Time:12.05.2019 Editor:YuYuan art

Recently, the famous British violin master Andrew Bernardi was invited to Shenzhen China for a special trip to visit China's top international art brand enterprise "YuYuan art". Guo Yuli, the chairman of YuYuan art, expressed the most joy in his visit. Warm welcome.

Bernardi enjoyed the court dance performed by the YuYuan art Team in the YuYuan art Dream Hall, and passionately performed the vintage famous piano "Stradivaris" violinproduced in 1696. Its soul The moving melodies instantly activate the classical art collections of the YuYuan art Museum, as if in ancient times, immersed in the ocean of music and art.

Live performance at YuYuan art Dream Hall

Visit to Qianhai Free Trade Zone 

During a British trip, Guo Yuli and Bernardi appreciated each other for their understanding of music and art. This is a special visit at the invitation of Guo Yuli. 

Bernardi said during the meeting with Guo Yuli that this visit was full of moving surprises. The same values make the best combination of music and art, which is an important part of building the spiritual level of human beings. He appreciates YuYuan art very much. YuYuan art has a deep understanding and innovative spirit of classical art, and also looks forward to establishing a good Chinese and Western fusion with YuYuan art in music and art, and making a positive contribution to promoting the international cause of music and art.