New Dawn The International Yuyuan Festival January 27, 2022


            Embrace the new dawn and create a brilliant future together

 Dear YuYuan people, Happy New Year !

Today is a special day, and I am very happy to share this wonderful time with all YuYuan people as promised!
        In 2021, YuYuan Art will not forget its original intention, continue to innovate, overcome difficulties and achieve fruitful results, all of which are inseparable from the hard work of every YuYuan people who are full of wisdom, diligent learning and sincere dedication. connected. Because you have lit up a bunch of shining stars with the powerful energy you have accumulated, gathered together, and made YuYuan art bloom more and more dazzling light!
         Sincerely thank you for your sincere dedication and passionate dedication over the past year!
          YuYuan people have achieved excellent results in their respective positions, and contributed their own strength to the development of Yuyuan art international art and culture undertakings. The team spirit is amazing!

     Every outstanding YuYuan people has its own unique charm and characteristics, exuding colorful light!

  2021 Excellent YuYuan People:Rosita


Elegant and discreet. The owner has a warm and persistent heart!
Dare to develop and innovate. You have been diligent in study and continuous exploration in the European classical stage play project, and have achieved fruitful results. Congratulations!

2021 Excellent Yuyuan People: Lucca
Knowledgeable and talented. With cosmic feelings and energy!
Keep pace with the times and shine. In the dialogue project "Crossing the Heart", it is a spiritual feast that is unique and directs the heart to reveal the true feelings and unite people's hearts. congratulations!

   2021 Outstanding YuYuan People: Cynthia

Natural beauty, smart.
Under the circumstance that the court dance project where I spent my energy and enthusiasm was not selected, I was not afraid of setbacks, faced correctly, and moved forward bravely, and my comprehensive ability was improved in an all-round way. congratulations!

  2021 Excellent Modern and Contemporary Art MuseumCurator :Bob
Courageous, honest and trustworthy.
With multiple important positions, he dares to face the discipline and supervision position, does not favor personal feelings, and fulfills his responsibilities. He has made great contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the company, and has achieved gratifying results! congratulations!

2021 Excellent European Art Museum Curator : Alan

Strict with self-discipline, outstanding and uncompromising.
Dare to take responsibility and dedication, he has achieved excellent results in the work of the curator of the art museum and the work of the design department. The gleaming light on the Gold Coast floor left a deep impression in my heart, which is a full manifestation of high standards, strict requirements and a sense of responsibility. congratulations!

2021 Excellent YuYuan Art Museum Curator: Duweit

Handsome and quick-witted.
Outstanding performance in the work of art museum curator and director assistant, continuous accumulation, continuous learning, and gradual progress. It is commendable to be clear, calm, wise and positive in the face of family emergencies. Steady, mature, wise, and persistent, you will surely realize your dream! congratulations!

2021 Outstanding Contribution Award: Akers

Ambition is high, both ability and political integrity.
In the work as the director of the general manager's office, he has the courage to face all challenges, is not afraid of any difficulties, quickly adjusts, and devotes himself to the work, making outstanding contributions to the company's team building and career development, and his personal comprehensive quality can be achieved by leaps and bounds The development is amazing! congratulations! The brightest star!

The development history of YuYuan has witnessed the growth of every YuYuan people. In this warm big family, everyone works, learns, communicates, grows, and creates, for a great common goal.

I believe that under the continuous struggle of our YuYuan people, we will surely create more miracles that belong to us, realize our own value, bloom the brilliance of life, and write a beautiful chapter.

Cheers for our beautiful tomorrow and forge ahead for our great cause!

Do your best! YuYuan people! Looking forward to an even better you in 2022!

Message from YuYuan Art Day on January 27, 2022
                                     YuYuan Art Director Andy