Shi Bingyu

I know the opening of the "Classical Court Dance". This is the symbol of the high-standard ceremony of YuYuan art. I am very touched .All of them were really wonderful. The retrospective video surprised me.

Seeing the passing of time, I pray that tomorrow, every little dream can be realized slowly.I am so ordinary, but so lucky, I want to say "thank you", every day in my life.

The classic melody brings us to the “P·U·R·E Anniversary Event”.Such a beautiful scenery, you can miss and the protagonist is extraordinary ~~

Don't miss the interview with protagonist phoebe.

Let's go!

P: English name of Phoebe stone ice jade

U: unique unique

R: respect respect

E: elegant elegance


Butterfly Xiaobian: Today's special event held at the YuYuan art Dream Hall, what is the mood at this moment?


Bingyu: I am very grateful to the leaders of YuYuan art and the international concierge and colleagues from various departments for their anniversary activities! I know the opening of the "Classical Court Dance". This is the symbol of the high-standard ceremony of YuYuan art. I am very touched .All of them were really wonderful. The retrospective video surprised me.

The mysterious gift of the anniversary made me flattered... This is a warm YuYuan family, giving us a thriving growth. Help and realize the international arena of the self!

Thanksgiving YuYuan art!


Butterfly Xiaobian: I heard that you came to apply for a commentator?

Bingyu: (blushing) Yes, I have been a lecturer for two years in the provincial museum, so the position I applied for was the interpreter.But after coming to YuYuan art, I found that it is a completely different artistic atmosphere.First of all, it is European art and culture. At the same time, we can have more opportunities to truly understand the story behind the art. Touching the artwork and the imprint of the wind and rain, I have a "sacred" feeling.The two-month probationary period is the most intense phase of my early period, because the International Education Department of Yuyuan Art has a huge amount of knowledge and needs constant learning to keep up with the pace of development.At the same time, many guests who came to YuYuan art were diplomatic officials of European consulates and famous European performing artists, so we are more rigorous and cautious in terms of rigorous attitude and professional focus.

Butterfly Xiaobian: Now you are the deputy director of the YuYuan art European Art Museum. You must have experienced a lot of tempering. Would you like to share it?


Bingyu: In fact, everyone in YuYuan art is “barbaric” every day. Of course, this growth is based on the well-planned and healthy development path of YuYuan art.Complementary learning and practice are uninterrupted, and with a variety of self-reversal and self-remodeling, it can be described as an "international art military school that cultivates itself."

Every time I go to a new stage, my mood is embarrassing. I always challenge things I have never touched. When you have just crossed one, you will find another new beginning in sight. Really "stimulating", really training people.If you insist on following this standard, the more frustrated and brave to complete, then the beauty and achievements of breaking into a butterfly is really radiant!

For example, when I first went abroad, I went to Thailand with the company. I was responsible for arranging the local itinerary. Although I have not done this kind of work, I know that the task given by the company is trusting me. I must work hard to do it well, so I search and consult as quickly as possible to filter out the itinerary for our team.I was really happy when I saw the joy of everyone after the event was perfect.During this trip, let me know the power of teamwork and let me know the importance of detail.

Later, I followed the leadership to go to the UK. When I saw the collections of major museums in the UK, I often missed YuYuan art in my mind.The various forms of art seen in the UK can be seen in almost all of our European art galleries, such as the porcelain of "Wedgwood", the shell carving and so on.I usually use the knowledge I have learned in the company . I can communicate with the staff of the museum and I am very proud.

Including the later trip to the UK, to the Welsh Castle and National Museum, and the special meeting of the head of the National Museum of Wales, as well as the experience of the historic city of York, all this gave me a clearer positioning, YuYuan art Collection And inheritance is serious, this is a trustworthy enterprise, and all words and deeds are the accumulation of YuYuan’s artistic integrity.I will continue to uphold the principle of "integration of knowing and doing" to manage myself and become a qualified and outstanding YuYuan person.


Butterfly Xiaobian: Anniversary is also a new beginning. Is there anything I want to say to myself?


Bingyu: As a YuYuan person, I have a strong sense of YuYuan's artistic mission. Shenzhen is a successful special economic zone. Now we are in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone, which is the “Special Zone in the Special Zone”.All innovations must be proven by action, so in the face of a new beginning, I just want to tell myself: "Just do it!"

We believe that this determined determination will accompany her efforts! I also wish to witness the more outstanding qualified YuYuan people in the anniversary of next year: Shi Bingyu.

Take action!

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